How it Works?

You just give up your Parking space where you parked and get a cash reward for it !

Earn today by placing your Parking space

Download the application, place your application in the application and just wait for the client to appear on it

Available for Android & iOS

Download the app to your smartphone

first step

< p>Place your application in the application and it will be seen by all users using the application< / p>


Interested user will open a deal with you, it remains to wait until he arrives at the place specified by you< / p>

What to do next?

After arrival You need to give place to the arrived user who opened the transaction< / p>

< h4>Get money

You get your money, the user gets a Parking space!

Parking Squatter

So start ! In light of a new profession for people, and it will be called "Parking Squatter" (Parking Squatter). It's just crazy. Certainly if You had to drive in the city of a million you are faced with the fact that approaching the destination you had to look for a Parking space for a while and often disappointed in the search you put your car somewhere "away" from the place where you were going. And agree it would be great if you knew that in the near future any of…

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andoid & iOS

I Bring to Your attention a solution in the field of Parking in large cities. Social service for the interaction of people. In this case 2 users participate. The 1st user puts his Parking space to an indefinite circle of persons for "auction". 2nd user accepts the terms of the transaction and pays for the assignment of Parking space 1st user. The project is implemented as a smartphone application for android and iOS platforms. The Name Of The Parking Squatter. Currently undergoing…

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Parking Squatter

The service is just gaining momentum ! Soon start in your city !

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